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Plan Your Quarter with Me

Quarterly planning workshop for ambitious leaders

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You know planning is important, but somehow it just.......never happens

Is this you?

You're killing it at your job, checking things off right and left, crushing those lists, but one day you realize...where is this all going?

Or maybe you always mean to blog more (or to write a book, learn a skill, change fields, start your dream business, give a conference talk) but your blog is still just that one post from January.

Or perhaps you're a busy, successful leader. You report to an executive and are expected to manage yourself. You've heard reflection and planning are crucial to your role, but you don't really know what to do with Strategic Time, and you have so many projects and teams that need your attention right now. No one will notice if you push it back a little...but then quarter after quarter fly by.

Or maybe you did set aside time, but when the Strategic Time arrived, you stared awkwardly at a blank page for a while...then wandered back into your inbox where the work is more clear cut.

Maybe you've even tried various quarterly planning systems, but they just felt like so much work that you never went back.

I've had all of those moments—many times!

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I started to crack the code when I was an engineering manager. We were asked to run a quarterly review with every report, every quarter. I didn't want to just phone it in.

I had a hunch this could be my highest leverage point for their learning, growth, and alignment.

I tinkered and experimented, using feedback to hone the process over time. I knew planning would help my team but I was truly stunned when their growth took off like a rocket ship! And a wonderful side effect was my team of stressed-out high achievers got happier and more relaxed— because they were crystal clear on the few things that mattered most 🏝️

I've done a LOT of trial and error. I've now seen all the places people get stuck. I've helped:

Your days are more relaxed and joyful when each moves you toward the life you want.

You deserve that, every day.

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Why this approach works

I've tried so many other planning approaches, but they were all too hard to stick with. They were either too cumbersome, too "woo woo," they added to my overwhelm, or were just plain not worth the time.

After significant tinkering, I cracked the code. I've sustainably done quarterly planning for years now and taught it to dozens of others. I really enjoy it and start to feel adrift when I go too long.

Every detail, from the price to the questions on the signup form to the structure of the calls, is specifically designed to help you actually follow through.

🔑 Accountability. I keep the program small enough that I'll notice if you don't follow through. I see you and I'm rooting for you!

🔑 Deadlines. Let's face it: "I just need to get through X and then I'll have time to plan" is a seductive lie, so you may as well set a deadline and just do what you can

🔑 Streamlined process to make the most of your limited planning time. Not so much material that you get overwhelmed—just the good stuff. Take what works and toss the rest.

🔑 Connecting to your big picture suddenly reveals what actually matters in your overwhelming to do list

🔑 Working with your brain to build your momentum, instead of "just trying harder"

I charge more than other programs because you’re more likely to actually do the planning—the first cohort had a 100% completion rate, which is literally unheard of for online workshops.

Ready? Sign up today!

What you get

In the program you'll get:

  • Supportive accountability, so it actually happens!
  • Carefully crafted exercises, honed and streamlined, that you can take with you and use forever
  • Live calls with me to go deeper and debug the snags. This process is simple but not easy, and the devil is in the details
  • Essential mindset tips and tricks to go from overwhelm and indecision to satisfaction and forward movement—even on things you've been stuck on for ages

and you will:

  • celebrate and learn from last quarter, creating a feeling of satisfaction and pride in your work—critical for momentum (and helpful to show your boss!)
  • list the areas of your work and life—see your whole life on a single page
  • pick just a few areas of focus for this quarter, confidently leaving the others on maintenance mode for a while. No more overwhelm!
  • get clear on where exactly you're going
  • identify your next steps, and get started!

What's not included:

You may notice that "a complete scheduled plan for every week of the quarter with breakdowns and milestones and all projects scoped out thoroughly" isn't on the list.

I've found over and over again (with all kinds of different people) that that's just not a good approach to individual planning. It's unrealistic, inflexible, inevitably discouraging, and requires too much boring drudge work to maintain.

This approach is more realistic, flexible, efficient—and energizing! It's specifically designed to get you unstuck and keep you making forward progress, no matter what changes or comes up throughout the quarter.

Who this is for

This workshop is useful to any modern knowledge worker. We're faced with so much noise and possible ways to spend our time, and the only path to a calm and satisfying life is making deliberate decisions.

The more you need to define your own priorities, the more important this material is. It's a huge competitive advantage for:

  • managers, directors, executives, and entrepreneurs
  • business owners and anyone with a "side hustle"
  • creatives, academics, and anyone for whom a path does not exist
  • staff or principal individual contributors and any tech leads—even if your team has a roadmap to work from, you need to figure out how to influence the roadmap, and plan your own career growth

IMPORTANT NOTE: this workshop is for planning YOUR quarter—whatever combination of personal and work life you like. It’s NOT designed for planning a team’s or company’s roadmaps.

And yes, this will be helpful...

  • no matter how much or how little you got done last quarter
  • no matter your organization style
  • no matter how much you're juggling
  • even if your projects at work are handed to you on a roadmap
  • no matter your industry
  • no matter what "season" of life you’re in—it's designed to be flexible and grow with you

You won't figure it all out in one workshop—it takes several quarters of practice to internalize this skill—but the sooner you start, the sooner you get clarity and peace of mind.

Want to get started? Sign up today!

What's the time commitment?

The program is a mix of independent work and group calls, spread out over two weeks. 

Part 1: Reflection

  • Carve out at least an hour to independently complete the reflection exercise
  • Group call to go deeper on Wednesday, January 10, 2023, 11 am - 12 pm Pacific time

Part 2: Planning

  • Carve out two 1-hour sessions to independently complete the planning exercise*
  • Group call to fine tune and future proof your plan on Wednesday, January 17, 2023, 11 am - 12:30 pm Pacific time

The calls cover different material than the independent exercises and won't be recorded. To get the most out of your experience, please arrange your schedule to join them.

Ready? Sign up today!

I'm feeling shy about the group calls...

I get it—I really do! I'd be shy too. So my goal is to make the calls comfortable to attend and unequivocally worth it.

Here's some more info to help you decide and prepare:

  • I was initially on the fence about offering calls at all, but people loved them so much I made them a core element. They reported feeling less alone and getting useful perspective on their own struggles, and wanted to stay in touch afterwards. The most common feedback I got was to make the calls longer!
  • Only share what you're comfortable sharing. You won't be asked to share your reflection or plan documents with the group—just highlights and takeaways that you are comfortable sharing
  • I won't share a call recording, even to current program participants (though I might record it exclusively for my review for the sole purpose of improving my facilitating)
  • The first call is a mix of reflection questions, sharing text in the group chat, and Q&A with me. In the second call I'll answer your questions and give feedback on volunteered project plans, and there might be some small group discussion
  • I do request that you have video on (to help you stay present and to increase the quality of the group discussion) but understand it may not be possible
  • Other participants will see the email address that you signed up with in the calendar invite and Zoom room

Willing to give it a shot? Sign up today!

What does it cost?

What's it worth to you to have the peace of mind of knowing what matters most? To finally make concrete progress on those dreams?

I'll not only guide you step by step through a proven process, but you'll also get tools and worksheets you can use for the rest of your life. And you can probably get it reimbursed by your employer (ask about their conference or learning & development budget).

Workshop tickets are $350.

Or you can get a workshop ticket + an individual 45-minute call with me afterwards to do a deep dive on your specific plans & obstacles for $725. I don't offer one-off planning sessions alone; this is only available in combination with the workshop ticket.


I'm interested but can't make these dates

First: be honest with yourself. Are you realistically going to be less busy in the future? Sometimes it's better to do it imperfectly now than wait for a time that may never come.

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Ready? Let's do it!

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