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Things I love

No affiliate links, no ulterior business motive, just things I love so much I want to tell you about them

A satisfying date stamper

I've ALWAYS wanted one of these—they bring back fond memories of checking out stacks of library books, and the kaTHUNK is intensely satisfying. But I thought the ink would be messy or hard to keep from drying out—nope! It just sits on your desk, ready to go, no mess, no drying out. This one is the best one, and it's only $13. Found via Austin Kleon.


But do you need it? No. It's just fun.

What do you stamp with it? I plan my day on paper, so stamp that every day. And if I finish something hard and want a little reward, I stamp the completion date too. You'd be surprised how many excuses you can find to date-stamp things when you have this great a stamper in hand :)

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The Recurse Center

It's like a writer's retreat, but for programmers: twelve weeks where you get to work on whatever interests you, working on the edge of your skills as a programmer, alongside ~70 other curious people. It's also one of my favorite programming communities of all time. I did it and it was an energizing and almost indulgent experience. Oh, and it's free.

Also a great source of candidates if you're hiring!

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Tiny magnetic box cutters

If I have to wander around trying to find scissors every time I get a package, l tend to put it off and they pile up. I got a two-pack of these and stick one by the front door (for opening boxes) and one by the back door (for breaking them down). Total game changer.

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